‘Van Maken Tot Raken’: WitkowskaVerbunt featured in Diana Bokje’s educational book

‘In an essayistic way of photographing, photographing is part of the research process’, writes journalist and photocoach Diana Bokje in her freshly launched education book ‘Van Maken Tot Raken‘. ‘You have a certain idea about your subject in advance and you form your opinion about it while shooting. It is also a way of seeking confirmation. Of your world view; testing your reality against that of others (…)’.

In ‘Van Maken Tot Raken’, Diana takes the reader through a series of steps, to turn an idea into a genuine photoproject. To highlight the ‘essayistic way of photographing’ in her book, Diana reached out to us to include The Dream Vehicle as a resounding example for the topic.

‘Just as a writer writes while thinking when he makes an essay, an essayist photographer takes photographs to deepen the research. The aim is not to show reality, but to show what he thinks of his subject.’

To connect the principle of essayistic photography with our story, this description was added in the book: ‘In The Dream Vehicle, the photographic duo WitkowskaVerbunt explore the relationship between man and woman through a road trip through the Benelux. They themselves are the object of their photographic research. The journey is a metaphor for the journey through life, where love and suffering go side by side. Along the way, Anna and Rob show their reflections on existence, time and love in images and texts. Via the Instagram page witkowska.verbunt they make the viewer witness their journey’.