The nude image and The Dream Vehicle

A sign of the times? Again? The nude image, rising in fine arts. Is it censored? Do we have to look at nude images? What is the motive to show naked bodies in fine arts?

As people ask us, why we would pose in the nude for our photography, we feel that when you want to perform something creative, something to express feelings, it’s very natural to turn to your own body. To know its force. As without clothing you are unique and eye-catching, pure and free from all conventions it seems. But above all, you are pure and vulnerable.


Transmitting emotions
Photographing yourself in the nude is a personal and strong choice for us, to be transmitting emotions this way. Imagine a photo with you on it, naked. It is a direct communication to the viewer. The contents and meaning of that photo, but also the revelation of your intimate self. The photo can be looked at extensively. A relic. A wish. To be known. Fulfilled? Or never. The nude.


Journey of revelations
Our road trip into the heart of the male female relation has been a journey of revelations. Of discovering and admitting. Of getting a grip on something you wanted for a long time. Pointing the magnifying glass at yourself. Exploring desires and pain during the trip made us involve our naked bodies in the images. To have one photograph the other, or to pose together in the nude, as a silent explosion. To testify and to yearn. To shine, whisper and mourn. To be.


Purest form
Posing in the nude for the camera was something we did for ourselves before we met. We both used it in different ways.
For Anna the body has been a real instrument in her images. Her purest en most vulnerable form of manifesting. In her images she slows down to experience the time and place ever evolving in and around her. Her performance with the naked body. Where she disconnects from the idea of it being her in the photograph. Anna has not even called the images with her in it ‘self portraits’. Though they show her state of being and individual worldview through them.


Conveying of longing
Rob started to act in his photos on an experimental basis. Meeting borders in trying out things in front of the camera. The naked body seemed excellent to experiment. To confront and to spy on, to amaze, to play, even to degrade sometimes. Dealing with things like shame, fulfillment, power and confession. Here and there with a hint of vanity.  As his approach softens and goes more into the conveying of longing and preserving time, his nude self images become more subtle. The Dream Vehicle, gives him room to develop and to bring a deeper layer to his photography.