The Dream Vehicle: ‘An introspective journey into the mystery of time and love’

In The Dream Vehicle, we embark on a road trip across the Benelux in a classic Volvo that we bought for the trip. 
The road trip, our metaphor for the journey through life, shows us in a poetic, introspective study on time and love. Where daily events are stylized into visual contemplations, where we face each other’s longings and fears and translate them into dreamlike stories.

The Dream Vehicle is a collective name for the various vehicles that play a role in the project, such as the bed as a vehicle and the car with which they travel. But also ourselves as vehicles, who together create the dream image of relational (im)perfection.

With this, we try to elevate ourselves as human beings. Not because it is us or because it should be about us, but because we believe that every person in life has the same needs: to love and to be loved.


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