Road Trip Poetry


In The Dream Vehicle we foremost investigate our subject matter with the cameras. Our thoughts on how we want to communicate to our viewers, our cravings for atmospheres that lets us feel that hearty existential punch in the stomach, all comes down to effective imagery.


But does that cover the whole process of getting the story across? As our photographic outcome is poetic in its creation, it instigates many matters to philosophize about, to undergo emotional feelings. Still we decided early in the project that we wanted to add freshly written lyrics to our photographic findings. As we started our Instagram diary in 2019, we figured only title captions with the images wouldn’t be sufficient.


To engage the viewer in our visual story, we feel dedicated to provide written thoughts with every photo we publish. As a log, as a representation of questions and conversations we have. And certainly as poetic additions. Have them intertwine and reveal that extra angle to look at an image.


Meanwhile we produced around 300 texts within our Instagram, containing undiluted experiences, leaving no situation undocumented. Whenever you want to dive into that lyricism: Happy read.