Road photography: The Dream Vehicle at Photo31

Online publication of The Dream Vehicle by photography platform Photo31:

“Photo31 takes you on a virtual journey. Four weeks on the road! 

This week’s editor’s pick is long-term project ‘The Dream Vehicle’ by the photography duo Witkowska Verbunt. Which shows that not all cinematic and romantic road trips take place in the USA. With a classic Volvo car, Anna  and Rob started a journey through the Benelux in 2018. To photographically investigate the adult male-female relationship. The journey they undertake stands as a metaphor for the journey through life. Their emotionally charged partnership could even represent marriage. Along the way they show their reflections. On existence, time, relationships and love. Let yourself be carried away. By sloping landscapes and deserted villages, motels and forests. Permeated by the duo’s spherical desire for growth and fulfilment.”

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