First newsletter

This month we sent out our first The Dream Vehicle newsletter. In addition to our Instagram account and website, we’d love you to get aboard more and more on the conceptual side of our journey.


Because we have a beautiful story to tell you, harvested from a sun and snow beaten road trip: A story of challenges, of sweet and bitter love. Adventures from the road, from the heart, touching the very core of what we call romanticism.


Seasoning the unstoppable pace of life with herbs and spices to get that taste of melancholy, to catch that reflection. Of us humble humans, in a fleeting world. Trying not only to have a time well spent with what’s given to us. But more and more to share it generously with you.


In short, our poetical translation of human relationships, how we experience them, we put in these words:


“We stand in the barrel of a rifle.
Ready to scatter two lonesome hearts in one shot.
Pull the trigger my dear,
that we may never gather the pieces again.”


Thanks so much for travelling along, for letting yourself be pulled into our story.
The Dream Vehicle newsletter will come out four times a year.
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