Filmer on board to shoot The Dream Vehicle documentary


This month, June 2021, we are heading South, to the Belgian-French border, to start our anticipated documentary on The Dream Vehicle.
As we started out photographing for the project on the brink of 2019, shedding light on personal topics about our time and place in the world, about loss and the human drive, we kept on deepening our concept and looked into additional ways of communicating the story.


So, after we started to combine poetry and prose with our photographic images for a photo book to be released in 2022, we are now adding a full length documentary to it, that lets you dive into our travels, behind the scenes, to show you our artistic working process and the way the journey creates insights on life itself.


While the two of us focus on photographing and writing for The Dream Vehicle, we are happy to have on board for this film documentary, Jesse Immanuel Bom as our experienced cinematographer. Jesse, who studied at The Academy of Photography in Rotterdam together with Rob, knows our thoughts and cravings for atmosphere like no other.


Stay tuned as we step by step complete the milestone that is The Dream Vehicle. A blueprint on relational life that will echo in the hearts and minds of all that take time to contemplate on the roads we travel and the relations we have, may they be brief or may they last a lifetime.