Crowdfunding for The Dream Vehicle book has started. Buy it on presale at

Dear friends, 

You can watch us on video now, as we’re campaigning for The Dream Vehicle book!


We are extremely excited that this November, we are officially out with our fresh Crowdfunding Campaign for The Dream Vehicle book! 


After four years of working on imagery and lyrics, during our extensive road trips through the Benelux, we felt there was a substantial amount of quality content, which made us contact Dutch designer Sybren Kuiper to proceed onto the next phase.


As we took off in 2019 on our very first road trip together, in an impulsively bought second hand Volvo 850, we could not have imagined what we have acquired today. The Dream Vehicle book is on presale!


Dive with us into the mystery of time passing and love burning. If you want to get on board, purchase a copy of the book within the upcoming days. The book will be published by Publishing House Lecturis and will be launched in April 2023. 


Next to the book we have some exclusive gifts for everyone who supports us via