‘Anna about Rob’, behind the scenes of our collaboration


A few years back, Rob saw a self-portrait of me and in his head, the thought of possible collaboration was born. A sudden recognition of similar emotion and atmosphere in my photography made him curious and lit. “As if there was someone doing exactly the same thing, but in a female form” he recalled.


As I love creative collaboration and mirroring ideas, I jumped into his idea of collaborating with no hesitation.


With no expectation and no specific subject at first, we curiously got together and the sparkle was born, to say the least. It wasn’t only the feeling of recognition based on the picture of a lady he didn’t know back then. It was more than that. It was like the fire of inspiration and creativity opened the gates for us. Our road trip started.


Two and a half years later and not a single moment of regret. Thousands of messages, phone calls, video sessions. Thousands of photographs and poems. Corresponding around the clock on our plans, visual outings and concepts is like being creatively married, with our vows being imprinted in images and film.  


Working with Rob is like entering a room of obscurities and diving into a never-ending source of ideas. Sometimes to the point of me wondering how just one individual can come up with so many crazy yet amazing ideas. It’s like a bottomless well you can drink from every day without getting bored. But it’s not for everyone, he is very careful in choosing his inner circle. He sincerely doesn’t like to waste time on crap encounters with people. But when he does enter your life, it’s like full-on treatment of intellectual challenge, enormous creativity, care and humor. 

Hiis positive attitude and optimism keeps me going. He knows how to keep his cheering arms high and keeps saying: “Did I already tell you I am being involved in a great project?”


We create, swimming in the shoreless river of inspiration. We perform. We act. We live. Like children not wanting to stop playing or waking from a dream. We complement each other to the point of amazement. Where I end, he picks up from there. Every day.


Thank you Rob for joining me in my artistic journeys and for letting me dream The Dream Vehicle. I wouldn’t like to miss our road tripping for anything in the world. Not only because it is a journey into a deeper understanding of our life travels and relational quests we’ve accomplished in the past, but especially for the growth it brings every day.


Rob, did I tell you yet that I am involved in a great project?