A Book In The Making: Start


While photographing and writing for The Dream Vehicle home and abroad since 2019, we felt all this work, our poems as we relate to them often, should be gathered in a book. Our own paper telling of a years long theatrical performance. A story of human effort to sustain, with and without love, together alone, onto adventure.


To pull the idea from our heads and start the actual process of making the book, we were in the fine position to have an appointment with the Dutch documentary photographer Jeroen Toirkens. Jeroen, who already turned years of his own photo travels and global research into treasurable and important photo books agreed on coaching us on our first steps in this field.


During our visit, we laid out our project in his studio, to brainstorm about design, financing, publication and all the actions we need to take in order to produce a book. We’re happy to continue with this and grow towards realizing our first photobook on our joint project: The Dream Vehicle <3


About Jeroen Toirkens:
Jeroen’s most recent accomplishment is his book Borealis, from his journeys through the Boreal forests with journalist-writer Jelle Brandt Corstius. Currently a major exhibition on the Borealis project is waiting to open for the public in The Hague Museum of Photography.
A well known achievement from his earlier times is Jeroen’s project ‘Nomad’ in which he visited the last living nomads of the Northern Hemisphere.


Photo: Anna and Jeroen in conversation during our coaching session.